This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 285492.


Several events have been part of the work plan of SurPRISE. Scheduled events included: expert and stakeholder workshops, large scale citizen summits, small scale participatory consultations and an international conference.

Expert and stakeholder workshops

Two expert and stakeholder Workshops were conducted during the project. The first one took place in Vienna (February, 2013) the second one in Florence (October, 2014)

Citizen Summits

The large scale citizen consultation meetings were held in nine European countries. The summit took a whole day. During the day, the participants watched two information videos on specific surveillance oriented security technologies (SOSTs),  voted on pre-defined question about these SOSTs and discussed their advantages and disadvantages at tables of 8-10 citizens. Additionally in a final round, the participants agreed on a recommendation for national and European policy makers.

Small Scale Participatory Consultations

Small scale participatory meetings were  conducted in five European countries. They were  based on a modified methodology from the large scale events with the aim to test a small scale participatorydecsion support system.

International Conference

An international conference was arranged on November 13th-14th 2014 in Vienna to enable the target groups to discuss the outcomes, results, conclusions, methods and recommendations made by SURPRISE. The conference was specifically aimed at policy-makers, members of national and the European parliament, representatives from the industry, law enforcement end users and representatives from the Commission and national bodies responsible for shaping security technology and policy programmes.