This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 285492.

Research Results

Below you can find the results of the project as they have been delivered to the European Commission. They are sorted by work packages; a description of the tasks within the work packages can be found here: Research.


WP2 – Framing the assessment
D 2.2 Draft report on key factors*
D 2.3 Key pairs of security challenges
D 2.4 Key factors affecting public acceptance and acceptability
WP3 – Exploring the challenges
D 3.1 Report on surveillance technology and privacy enhancing design
D 3.2 Report on regulatory frameworks concerning privacy and evolution of the norm to privacy
D 3.3 Report on security enhancing options that are not based on surveillance technologies
D 3.4 Synthesis paper on comprehensive security enhancing policy options
WP4 – Questionnaire and information material
D 4.3 Information material and documentary films
WP5 – Participatory data gathering
 D 5.4 Citizen consultation group interview reports
WP6 – Analysis and synthesis
D 6.1 Country report Austria
D 6.2  Country report Denmark
D 6.3  Country report Germany
D 6.4  Country report Hungary
D 6.5  Country report Italy
D 6.6  Country report Norway
D 6.7  Country report Spain
D 6.8  Country report Switzerland
D 6.9  Country report United Kingdom
D 6.10 Synthesis report
D 6.12 Workshop report
D 6.13 Policy Paper and DSS Manual
WP7 – Decision support testing
D 7.1 Report on decision support testing
D 7.2 Comparative report
WP8 – Dissemination and implementation
 D 8.1 Project website
 D 8.3 Information and communication package 1

 D 8.4 International conference report
 D 8.6 Information and communication package 2