This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 285492.

SurPRISE Citizen Summits are successfully completed

With the two last SurPRISE citizen summits held on the 29th of March 2014 in Germany and in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland the series of twelve citizen summits – conducted in nine European countries – has been accomplished very successfully.

On average 200 citizens per country used these summits to discuss the relation between surveillance, security and privacy in small groups of six to eight persons, to express their individual opinion anonymously via electronic voting and to develop their recommendations commonly. At these summits a huge amount of quantitative data and qualitative information was generated. It will provide a deep insight into the assessment of surveillance-based security technologies by European citizens and allow us to better understand whether security and privacy are actually being seen as a trade-off relation. The recommendations formulated by citizens will be passed on to policy makers and to scientific and public debates and thus contribute to security measures more in line with public opinion and with human rights.

Apart from general considerations on surveillance, privacy and security, three concrete surveillance technologies were in the focus of the events: smart closed-circuit television (Smart CCTV), deep packet inspection (DPI) and smartphone location tracking. In each country the participants of the citizen summits discussed two of these technologies.

The results of the SurPRISE citizen summits are going to be presented in nine country reports, analyzing the gathered national data, and a comprehensive report focusing on the European perspective.  They will be transferred to politics and the public through publications, presentations and discussions at workshops and conferences.

The knowledge gained at the citizen summits will also be used to develop a method for smaller scale participatory involvement of citizens in decision making on security measures. The developed approach should provide opportunities to incorporate the citizens’ views in a faster and easier way.

The country reports as well as the synthesis report will be uploaded on the SurPRISE website in the Download section.